Life Insurance Onboarding

New Agents - Get licensed in as little as two weeks!

Become an insurance agent

We'll Pay Your Mandatory Pre-Licensing Course.

Before you can sit for the state licensing exam, you're required to take an approved pre-licensing course. This course covers the basics of insurance. It normally costs $150 or more, but we'll buy it for you. It takes 7-10 days. This course does not cover what you need to do after getting your license. You'll need AML training, how to get appointed to carriers, which carriers you need, and sales training. You need a solid field marketing organization to help with those things, and that is exactly what we do.  

Who Does Great with Life Insurance?

It Takes All Types.

Many people do EXTREMELY well with life insurance. Some are born sellers. Some are mostly introverts. Many make full time money with part time work, and a lot of people go full time to start and open their own agency. All of those are possible with our program, and we'll help you with the roadmap that fits you. One thing most have in common is that they care about people. 

If you do any sort of work where you're comfortable having contact with people, that's a head start as well.

Currently Licensed Agents

Get Ready to Sell Life too!

Most health insurance plans are sold during open enrollment. That's great, but if you're a high earner, you need more than that to keep things going all year. We have the top compensation and the top training in life insurance. 

Come work with one of the top field marketing organizations in the country. We operate in all 50 states and have great carrier relationships. We also give you the tools to build your own agency.

How it works

Get Licensed

We pay for your pre-licensing course, and help you with each step needed to start selling and start earning.

Training and Carriers

We help you get appointed with the right carriers, and train you for every aspect of the business.

Help Families and Earn

Not only do you earn a lot as a life insurance agent, but this will be the most rewarding career you've ever had.